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Wos-Wit — Pennsylvania Dutch Foods

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Sweet and Spicy Catfish

Make yourself up this dish wunst (cook this dish once) and you’ll be hooked. Continue reading

Peach Shortcake

Feeling grexy (cranky) after a long, hard day at work? Settle down after dinner with this warm treat and everything will be so much better.    Continue reading

Wos-Wit Reuben

Combining two Wos-Wit favorites and adding them onto one piled-high sandwich is sure to delight your tummy. And leave your shirt all ferhoodled (messy). Continue reading

Peppered Shrimp Tacos

Here’s a tasty alternative to traditional tacos and a wonderful way to mix things up for your Taco Dinschdaag (Tuesday). Continue reading

Sweet Pepper Bloody Mary

Start your morning off right — enjoying the day’s glorious sunnuff (sunrise) while sipping down this tangy Mary. Continue reading

Un-beetable Soup

Think you can’t enjoy soup in the summer? Aeckt net so dumm! (Don’t be so dumb.) This one-of-a-kind “soup” is served chilled and can be enjoyed all year around. Continue reading

Pepper Jelly Pork Sliders

Add an extra spoonful of the hot pepper jelly onto the sliders of any nix nootzes (naughty children) who don’t mind their manners at the supper table. Continue reading

Black Bean Bacon Burgers

Outen the lights! (Turn off the lights.) You won’t want anyone to see how many of these delicious patties you can devour in one sitting. Continue reading

Lazy Hazy Bacon-daise of Summer

Quit your brutzin (stop your fussing) over eating your vegetables. Top them off with this decadent sauce and suddenly you’re a veggie wootz (someone who “pigs out” while eating). Continue reading

Ginger Peach Punch

Does it look like it’s gonna make down wet (rain)? Mix up a glass of this tasty punch and enjoy a good book while it’s spritzing (raining) outside. Continue reading